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Here's what it looks like to work with me.


Meet and Greet

Let's get to know each other a little. We may meet at a conference. Or be introduced by someone we both know. Or you may have stumbled on my website. Either way, I'm glad you're here but let's get to know each other.

Initial Outreach

I respond to your initial inquiry within 24 hours. Usually with a few high level questions and a request to hop on a call.

Quick Phone Call

This is where we go more in depth with what you're looking for. I'll ask some additional probing questions, general time lines, and project budget. And you are always welcome to ask me questions too!

Proposal and Quote

Hey, we've decided to move forward together. I've identified how I can help you reach your copy and conversion goals. The next steps are finalizing the plans and getting down to business.


The proposal consists of:

  • Expectations of both parties to ensure the project's success
  • Itemized list of what I will deliver
  • The start date of the project (or my earliest available date to start)
  • Project Quote
  • Request for your digital signature


Unless otherwise stated. Payment is expected as follows:

  • 50% On proposal acceptance. This guarantees your project timeline and allows me to confidently decline or postpone other work that may be needed during your project.
  • A payment link from PayPal or Stripe is sent via email. I only accept credit cards or direct wire transfers.


Now the fun begins! This is when I learn about your company, the product, your customers and desired prospects, and the competition. Using my customized Deep Dive Research Formula or DDR Formula for short.


What's your story. Why now, and why this product. What's your background? I want to know more about you, so I can help your customers understand you better.


What problems do you solve? What makes your product unique? I dig into all the material you currently have as well as other methods to determine how to best position your product. For best results and if possible, I'll receive a demo or sample of your product.


Who are they? Why did they buy? How do they talk about your product to their friends? This is the most important stage of research. The information your customers provide about your products or services is gold. This allows us to find the words THEY use and how THEY think. I have many methods to help uncover the voice of your customer and how you can tap into it.


Who are your biggest competitors? How do they market their product? You can learn much from your competition and use to help you stand out.

Writing and Revisions

The research phase is done, the data is compiled. Now, it's time to bring it all together.


You will receive an outline for the deliverable. This is approved by you or the project lead. This step eliminates time spent on rabbit holes or wrong directions.

First Draft

A strong first draft is submitted within 2 weeks of project start date (unless otherwise agreed on). The draft follows the outline and guides your customers to the sale. This is a completed version - with image suggestions and link locations. And, is ready for production.


One round of revisions is included. The revisions happen within an agreed upon time frame from deliverable submission. And don't deviate from the approved outline.

Final Submission and Testing

The project is nearing it's end. Time to wrap up and put our hard work to the test.

Final Deliverable

The remaining 50% payment is due once the final deliverable is transferred.

Testing and Optimization

The copy goes live and starts to collect real data. From this data small tweaks can provide exponential gains.
Work With Me