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Destiny is knocking – Do you answer the call?

In a time faded from memory and past into legend come the stories of Heros. Fate brings them together. And binds them to each other.

To answer Destiny’s call means hardship.

To deny it changes the course of history.

What does our protagonist do?

From the mind of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski comes the fantasy series of Geralt of Rivia. A genetically enhanced human, as he travels the world slaying monsters. And the characters he encounters along the way.

This is Sapkowski’s first series. And has created quite the buzz in the gaming culture. The wildly popular video game series – The Witcher – is based off these novels.

With more than 20 different language translations the series popularity continues to rise.

If new lands, epic fight scenes, brilliant character development, and mythical beasts is your kind of story…

You’re going to love what I’m about to share with you.

And the best part is, you can whisk away to this realm of magic – and Nordic mythology – without leaving the comfort of your modern living.

And I’ve got a special offer for you at the end – so stick around…

The Witcher series dives right in to a world that expands on the races Tolkien created 81 years ago. Though this isn’t a Tolkien-esque novel.


a Fantasy novel of Nordic lore

… and some brushes with historical events.

The series pits elves, dwarves, halflings, changelings, and humans against each other. While throwing in monsters that terrify local townspeople.

The region is torn by war.

The North works to hold their footing while Nilfgaard, from the south, seeks to dominate the land.

The protagonist, Geralt of Rivia, works hard to maintain neutrality as he goes about his mission to rid the world of dangerous monsters.

Until Destiny kicks in.

Turning his world upside down taking Geralt on the quest of his life.

Add in the ever-present love interest (or two) and Sapkowski brings you along for the ride and personal development of the Witcher…

Who thought all emotion was removed during his mutation.

Or were they…

The Witcher series launched a massively successful video game series, selling more than 33 million copies world wide.

The novels that started it all is –

Now Available in a Collector’s Edition set.

This rare, one-time offering is available for a limited time. Or until sold out. As ONLY 200 copies exist today. Making this a truly unique gift for the ultimate fan of Geralt of Rivia and his companions.

Each novel is hard back and leather bound. To whisk the reader right into the action with the legend himself.

Each collection contains a Certificate of Authenticity and Collector’s Edition number. And each book signed by the author.

Every cover contains artwork created by the renowned polish artists Zdzislaw Beksinski depicting a beautiful scene from the book.

And the back of each book displays a map of region. So you can journey along with your favorite characters as they travel the vast and beautiful land.

This collection is priceless to the die-hard fan of Geralt and the fantasy realm of The Witcher. But today we’re putting a price on it.

You get:

  • The Leather-Bound, numbered Collector’s Edition Novels – Valued at $245
  • A Certificate of Authenticity with Author’s Signature – A $100 value
  • 7 beautiful prints from renowned painter Beksinski on the inside cover – Valued at $350 per print!

Total value: $2795!

But we’ve cut out the middle man.

Full 7 Novel Collection is NOT SOLD IN STORES.

So, we can offer it for the rock bottom price of $149.99!

A single piece of Beksinski art recently sold at auction for $19,638.64 – a small price to pay for an artist who passed away in 2005. And you get 7 Beksinski prints – one for each book.

The quality and craftsmanship of each book would easily list for $50 or more on popular websites. Yet, the complete collection – of numbered, signed, and certified novels is now available for less than half that per piece.

But that’s not all.

We’re making this deal so crazy –

Every book collector will want in on this action!

For each purchase of The Witcher Collector’s Edition, you get:

  • A poster-sized rendition of the regional map AND
  • A free copy of the video game The Witcher: Wild Hunt from CD Projekt Red. The most awarded video game of all time.

A $236 value absolutely FREE with the purchase of The Witcher Series Collector’s Edition.

We fully believe you will fall in love with Geralt and the characters of Sapkowski’s expansive fantasy series and we stand behind that belief.

With a ONE YEAR warranty.

That’s right. If the Collector’s Edition isn’t up to your standards, return it for a FULL REFUND. No questions asked. AND you can KEEP the regional map AND free copy of the video game just for ordering today!

So, you get A full, 7-novel Collector’s Edition of The Witcher Series. Signed by author Andrzej Sapkowski which includes a Certified Letter of Authenticity.  Leather bound and hard back. With custom commissioned artwork from renowned Polish artist Zdzislaw Beksinski. A Poster sized rendering of the world of the Witcher. AND a free copy of the number 1 rated video game of ALL TIME – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

A total value of $3,121!

All for the ridiculously low price of $149.00.

But this is a limited time sale – and only a limited number of collector’s editions created. 200 to be exact.

So don’t wait and order your copy today.

And to make it easy for you we’ve created several ways for you to get your certified Collector’s Edition.

Chose the payment method easiest for you:

1) Pay in full, using your credit card here [insert payment link].

2) Payment plan – Three easy payments of $59.99 here [insert payment link].

3) Talk to a real person. Our customer service agents are standing by – Call [insert call link here].

Now it’s time for you to decide.

Which path do you take?

Do you choose to ignore your destiny? Do you let this limited time offer pass you by? When the only way to get a complete set is to scour yard sales or bargain hunter websites. And look back on the time you let the offer of the century slip through your grasp.

Or do you walk destiny’s path? And jump into the middle of the conflict with Geralt. To slay monsters, wrestle with your conscious, and find the love of your life. Time and time again with this beautiful Witcher Series Collector’s Edition.

Don’t wait. Order Today. Only 200 copies are available, and this offer won’t last.

Click here to order [insert link here].

How a Keychain Saved This Introvert From Inevitable Hysteria

Parents are amazing. They do their best to give you the tools to get ahead in life. Such was the present I got from my Dad a few years ago at Christmas.

It had a simple note attached to it.. “The next time you need to WOW the crowd….”

Wow the crowd? Who did he think I was? Garth Brooks? Not even close. I’m a data analyst. And an introvert to boot. So when would I ever ‘wow the crowd’?

Yet who can resist such a statement? So, I put ‘wow’ gift on my keychain…

What is this gift you ask? I’ll tell you about it in a minute. But first, let me take you back a few months…

It happened all of a sudden. I was called on in a meeting at work. They may have caught me playing candy crush on my phone. Or it may have just been random happenstance. Whatever the reason, they wanted an answer. And quick.

It was customary, and expected that I get up, walk to the front of the room, and point out the reason our quarter was tanking.

You could have heard a pin drop. My heart lurched into my throat. My palms clammy. And the world slowly started to collapse in.

What was I to do? I don’t like being put on the spot. Let alone standing in front of my peers. The ones who judge me with their leering eyes. As if to say, ‘Yes, show us why, oh great one’!

It wasn’t judgement at all, but awe, that I could look at the numbers presented before us and find the reason our profits were low.

But at the heart of the matter – was the report I was about to give wasn’t a good one. There was a darker side to my report. Which added to my reluctance of standing in front of the whole company…

It was then that I remembered a little gift my father gave me for Christmas last year. With a note that said, ‘the next time you need to WOW the crowd….’

Of course! How could I have forgotten? It was attached to my keychain.

Hanging there as the solution to my introverted dilemma…

A laser pointer….

But this wasn’t just any pointer. It was a lightsaber. A mini detailed replica of the ultimate evil badass, Darth Vader. Red beam and all. An exact clone of the infamous saber that killed Obi-wan.

And it was attached to my keyring.

What better way for me to deploy my evil discovery of foul play within the company than with the mini Darth Vader lightsaber. And bonus points because the beam would reach the presentation from where I was sitting.

It was perfect. It was ingenious. Nay, it was…diabolical. Well, maybe only in my head…

The ultimate solution to my problem. An introvert called out to deliver my findings – in public. Yet I could dish out the tale of wrong doing from my chair and everyone around could follow along. Effortlessly. Thanks to the little red .39mW beam emanating from my keychain lightsaber.

The day was won.

But there’s more to the use of this technical marvel. This officially licensed Star Wars merchandise was an exact replica. Shrunk down to no bigger than a credit card in length.

Yes. My ability to conquer the boardroom left me feeling bold. Daring. Unstoppable. So, I ventured into the one place that no introvert would dare tread with a replica of Star Wars gear.  The IT room.

My friends let me tell you, it was like moths to a flame. And the light-starved basement we relegate the IT guys to was the perfect environment to showcase the splendor of such a minature weapon.

The red beam shone bright as it happily vibrated in the 640-680nm wavelength. Though it may seem harmless I must warn you, it is a Class 1 Laser. And shinning it into the eyes of your most hated enemy (or Bob from accounting) may result in damage even Master Yoda cannot overcome.

In the end, it turned out to be a great day. Thanks to my keychain lightsaber. And honestly, I think everyone should have one. Lets make a vow to end boring conference room meetings that drone on. Who doesn’t want to give presentations wielding a reliable lightsaber that makes their exhibition all the more epic?

You can find one exclusively here at ThinkGeek [insert link here].

I even bought a few to hand out to my new friends in the IT department. It’s a great way to grab the attention of people without having to be awkward.

So, thanks to the Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Laser Pointer I avoided disaster during my presentation – and you can too. Just click here [insert link] to order yours today.

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